We don’t want to have an ordinary life. We want to build an Amazing Life.

– David & Leah Cupps


Serial entrepreneurs, David and Leah have built multiple 7figures businesses. Focusing their effort in the Amazon FBA space has given them massive success and the ability to scale their businesses quickly.


David & Leah have created and successfully sold multiple Amazon businesses. Selling across multiple categories and building brands from the ground up, even after they exited their business, demonstrates that their strategies work.


Often featured on Podcasts and on Stage, David and Leah believe giving back is an important part of living an Amazing Life. They want to inspire new entrepreneurs on ways they can achieve an amazing level of freedom in their personal and work life.

Their Story

David & Leah’s story of starting their business with just $500 for inventory and scaling that to a multiple 7-figure businesses in just a few years has been a sensational story in the Amazon selling community. They believe that sharing their story can inspire others to do the same.

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