We’re David & Leah Cupps, Amazon Selling Experts & Amazing Life Builders.

Our Amazing Story

David and I originally took the Amazing Selling Machine course back in 2014. David was working in medical sales and I was a freelance graphic designer. We were making just above 6-figures a year in income, but we had bigger dreams.

At the time, David was traveling 3-4 nights a week for his sales job. While we were grateful for the opportunity, but David missed so many nights with our oldest daughter. He wanted to be home with her, and spend more time as a family and less time on the road. We needed a business that would allow both of us to work from home, so we could maximize that time as a family. We called it the “Bring Daddy Home Project”.

That’s why we joined Amazing Selling Machine. ASM taught us step-by-step, not just how to sell products on Amazon, but how to build a REAL business.

One year later, we were just over $1,000,000 in annual sales. David was able to quit his job and retire from medical sales, forever. Here is a photo of us at dinner, celebrating his ‘retirement’ in 2015 with our old daughter Savannah and our son Lincoln.

As our business continued to grow, we learned from a friend, that we could sell our business for 7-figure exit. In December of 2016, we decided to go forward and placed our Amazon FBA business on the market. Within 2 weeks, we had a full price offer.

We were able to sell our business for a 4.7 multiple of our net earnings. And after a few months of due diligence, the money was wired into our bank account on August 1, 2017, making us instant millionaires. Here is a photo of us signing the closing paperwork in Las Vegas at Sellercon 2017.

Today, we have 3 successful Amazon FBA businesses (and 3 young kids, too!) and continue to maximize on the unique opportunity Amazon offers to anyone who wants to start an online business. And we have our sights set on selling our business again in 2020.

What was the key to our success? What made this business successful when others we tried had failed? Well, we didn’t try to re-invent the wheel. We followed the step-by-step training provided to us by Amazing Selling Machine.

The ASM course changed our lives, and so many others. That’s why we can confidently stand behind this program and recommend it to you.      

We’re big fans of the Amazing Selling Machine. It has totally changed our life. 😊🙏

“We don’t just want to live an ordinary life. We want to build an Amazing Life.”

-David & Leah Cupps

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