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David and I have committed to helping you build your own Amazon business with the Amazing Selling Machine and we REALLY want to see you succeed. That’s why were stacking the deck in your favor and GIVING YOU this irresistible package of bonuses for FREE when you commit to joining the Amazing Selling Machine (only available for a limited time).


Celebrating the success of the Bring Daddy Home project!

David and I originally took the Amazing Selling Machine course back in 2014. David was working in medical sales and I was a freelance graphic designer. We were making just above 6-figures a year in income, but we had bigger dreams.

At the time, David was traveling 3-4 nights a week for his sales job. While we were grateful for the opportunity, David missed so many nights with our oldest daughter. He wanted to be home with her, and spend more time as a family and less time on the road. We needed a business that would allow both of us to work from home, so we could maximize that time as a family. We called it the “Bring Daddy Home Project”.

That’s why we joined Amazing Selling Machine. ASM taught us step-by-step, not just how to sell products on Amazon, but how to build a REAL business.

Two years later, we were just over one million dollars in annual sales. David was able to quit his job and retire from medical sales, forever. Here is a photo of us at dinner, celebrating his ‘retirement’ in 2016 with our old daughter Savannah and our son Lincoln.

As our business continued to grow, we learned from a friend, that we could sell our business for 7-figure exit. In December of 2016, we decided to go forward and placed our Amazon FBA business on the market. Within 2 weeks, we had a full price offer.

We were able to sell our business for a 5x multiple of our net earnings. And after a few months of due diligence, the money was wired into our bank account on August 1, 2017, making us instant millionaires.

Here is a photo of us signing the closing paperwork in Las Vegas at Sellercon 2017.

Today, we have 3 successful Amazon FBA businesses (and 3 young kids, too!) and continue to maximize on the unique opportunity Amazon offers to anyone who wants to start an online business. And we have our sights set on selling our business again in 2020.

What was the key to our success? What made this business successful when others we tried had failed? Well, we didn’t try to re-invent the wheel. We followed the step-by-step training provided to us by Amazing Selling Machine.

The ASM course changed our lives, and so many others. That’s why we can confidently stand behind this program and recommend it to you.      

We’re big fans of the Amazing Selling Machine. It has totally changed our life. 😊🙏

It’s also been rated the #1 online training program of all time, simply due to the thousands of success stories that this amazing program has produced.  

On this page we’ve put together a limited time, irresistible Amazing Selling Machine bonus package, where we will share with you how we create, grow and sell our own Amazon FBA businesses. This exclusive bonus is available to anyone who wants to work with us and grow their Amazon FBA business.

We’ve earned millions of dollars selling products on Amazon… And It’s All Because Of What we’ve Learned From The Amazing Selling Machine!

YES! I Want To Join ASM NOW! And Give Me Your Create + Grow + Sell Bonus Package for FREE!

Why This Is A Life Changing Opportunity For You…

Did You Know That Amazon’s Annual Net Revenue Has Grown To $232.89 Billion In 2018? Amazons net revenue has grown to more than $232.89 Billion in 2018! And the forecasts for 2019 are even higher! That’s just crazy!

What this means for YOU is that you can profit from this fast-growing industry by building your own private label business. 🤑

The great thing is, you don’t need a website to run your Amazon business. And you don’t need a warehouse to store your products or a factory to produce your products. You don’t even need an office. 

All you need is your laptop and the right knowledge on how to sell your own products on Amazon. That’s it!

YES! I Want To Join ASM NOW! And Give Me Your Create + Grow + Sell Bonus Package for FREE!

Only For A Limited Time: When You Join The Amazing Selling Machine Today!

If you’re looking to accelerate your success with the Amazing Selling Machine, to make the process of building your Amazon business faster, easier, stress-free and more enjoyable than ever… then we’ve got a special bonus package for you. 😊🙌 

We’ve decided that we are going to make available an exclusive bonus offer for those interested in joining the Amazing Selling Machine, which will only be available for a limited amount of time.

Here’s How It Works…

If you purchase the Amazing Selling Machine (by following instructions below), then you will not only receive EVERYTHING that Amazing Selling Machine is offering you (including their bonuses), but you will also receive the following bonuses for FREE! 

YES! I Want To Join ASM NOW! And Give Me Your Create + Grow + Sell Bonus Package for FREE!

We call it the “Create + Grow + Sell Bonus Package”…

Because That’s Exactly What It Does, It Helps You Scale your business With ASM.

Bonus 1: Production Selection Tactics and Strategies

Product selection can be a time consuming and tedious process. In fact, we’ve seen many well-intentioned ASM students get stuck in this part of the process. But, there is process we use to select products, and we have proven track record of success. David and I will teach you the step-by-step process and guidelines we use to select successful, long term profitable products so that you can achieve your business dreams faster.

Bonus 2: Step by Step strategy of how we Create + Grow + Sell Businesses

Are you curious to know how we sold a 7-figure Amazon business, only to turn around and create three more brands on Amazon that will do over $3 millions dollars in revenue in 2019? Not to mention, growing 100% year over year each? David and I will take you inside the workings of our Amazon FBA empire and show you how we grow profitable business with a small, but productive team.

Bonus 3: 1 hour of Group Coaching per Week for the duration of the Course

Join David and I for a live weekly call to go over the challenges you face as an Amazon newbie. We will offer advice from our shared experience of selling on Amazon for the last five years, plus give the latest tactics we are using to grow and scale our 7-figure businesses.

Bonus 3:  Private Facebook group.

You will get access to our private Facebook group exclusive to Amazing Life Builders Members. Here we can answer questions you may have on a daily basis. David and I have tackled nearly every obstacle running an Amazon FBA business can throw at you, and we’ll be there to answer any questions you have.

Bonus 4: Monthly Advanced Seller Training

Once a month we will do a live Advanced Seller Training for those who have launched a product and want to get the latest tactics and strategies that advanced sellers on using on Amazon.

Bonus 5: Ranking Automation Tool

David has been working on a super advanced Ranking Automation Tool that we are using in our business to dominate in some very competitive niches on Amazon.

Bonus 7: Listing Review & Optimization Strategy

You’ve written what you thinking is a great listing, stuffed with keywords and well optimized images. But product sales are trickling in and you’re not sure why. Most likely, you’re missing an opportunity to drive conversion. We will review your listing and offer you strategies to maximize your sales revenue.

Okay, David & Leah, I’m In! How Can I Sign Up And Get All Of The Amazing Selling Machine Bonuses?

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Here is the link to sign up for ASM11.

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You can also sign-up for ASM over the phone by calling their offices at 1 (888) 415-0615 or through the live chat on their website. If you do, just tell them that you want to be under “David & Leah Cupps” so you can still get my bonuses.

You can purchase using the full payment option or any other payment option. Whichever option you choose, you will be eligible for ALL of our bonuses here, including EVERYTHING that is being offered inside the Amazing Selling Machine (including their bonuses).

If you’ve already signed up for ASM – no problem! It’s not too late to get these bonuses. Just forward your receipt to and we can arrange to ensure that you’re under us, so you can still get the bonuses.


Once you’ve signed up, email your receipt to so that we can confirm that you’re all signed up under your affiliate link.

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Within a few hours, our team will email you to congratulate you, welcome you on board, send you the details of all of your bonuses, and start setting you up with immediate access to everything.

That’s it!

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How can I learn more about the Amazing Selling Machine?

To learn more about the Amazing Selling Machine and how it can help you, watch this video presentation here.

 If I get your bonuses, do I also get all of the bonuses that they offer me for ASM?

Yes, when you join the Amazing Selling Machine through me you get EVERYTHING that they’re offering you AND all of my bonuses found right here.

 Do I still get your bonuses if I pay using any other payment option?

Yes, you still get all of my bonuses if you pay using any other payment option.

 I didn’t get an e-mail receipt when I purchased, what should I do?

If that’s the case, then please forward your welcome e-mail to  and include your first and last name so we can look up your order. Once we verify you, then we can then set you up with the bonuses.

 How long does it take to get set up with the bonuses?

It should take less than 24 hours, depending on how busy we are – if there’s any delays, please reach out to me at

Will the Amazing Selling Machine benefit me if I don’t yet have an Amazon business?

Yes, absolutely.  If you don’t have a business yet, then this the perfect program to start with, along with all of my bonuses, as you’ll get the step-by-step instruction, coaching and support along the way.

YES! I Want To Join ASM NOW! And Give Me Your Create + Grow + Sell Bonus Package for FREE!